Taking care of women and children in the perinatal period

Professional skills and specific tools


Videos of the International conference June 14 th , 2017 in Bayonne

On June 14th 2017, the Caminante association, pilot of the ERASMUS + CapeVfair project, organized an international conference in Bayonne on the care of vulnerable mothers and children during the perinatal period. What professional skills and what tools can be used in...

Vulnerability and perinatality – European conference in Bayonne, France

After two years of joint reflection on the tools, devices, methods and theories in favour of a quality support, participants from the 8 institutions and 4 countries involved in the CapeVfair project present a part of the results of their work to you on the 14th of...

An Erasmus+ strategic partnership

The project

A 2 year collaborative work

The partnership

8 partners, 4 countries


Training and awareness among professionals


Training modules