Our project, which is part of an Erasmus+ programme, aims at training and raising awareness among professionals about the specific support of vulnerable women who are pregnant and/or with very young children.

The specific goals of the project are:

  •         Drawing up a common definition of the vulnerability of mothers and children during the perinatal period
  •         Managing to identify tracking tools of vulnerability factors
  •         Developing analysis and observation tools of vulnerability
  •         Offering specific support tools
  •         Determining professional skills
  •         Proposing initial and/or lifelong learning training modules

In the frame of the enhancement of the care of vulnerable mothers and children during the perinatal period, it seems to be necessary to update networking. Indeed, the « weak link » of the assistance chain is the collaboration work between the different services which provide this kind of assistance. The relations between these various services suffer from the lack of a common language and cohesion as for the aims pursued, because of the different cultural and methodological contexts of the services that are involved.