On June 14th 2017, the Caminante association, pilot of the ERASMUS + CapeVfair project, organized an international conference in Bayonne on the care of vulnerable mothers and children during the perinatal period.

What professional skills and what tools can be used in order to better manage situations at risk (high precariousness, addictions, teenage pregnancy, prostitution …)?

After two years of joint reflection on the tools, devices, methods and theories favorable to quality support, participants from the 8 institutions and 4 countries involved in the CapeVfair project presented some of the results of their work.

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October 1 st and 2 nd , 2018

For more information: caminante.formation@asso-caminante.fr

To watch and review the various interventions of June 14th, 2017:

Opening and Closing Speeches

French intervention

What vulnerability are we talking about? Illustration with a clinical case related to addictive disorders.

Romanian intervention

Fighting against the separation of the child and his biological family in Romania: Work of a social
worker in maternity; work in Romanian child welfare services; sociological insights.

Italian intervention

The multifaceted look and the mirror effect against institutional violence + narrative circle and social work.

Spanish intervention

The video-intervention technique + participatory strategies in parent education programs in order to promote parenting skills in vulnerable families.