EDUVIC SCCL is a non-profit cooperative that aims to work with children, adolescents, youth and their families, influencing their environment and society, both in specialized and preventive level.  The entity has more than 20 years of experience providing solutions and services in the following areas: integral attention to people through programs of education, health, culture, sport, leisure, residential, therapeutic and family issues, socialization of knowledge through training, consulting, research and awareness and dissemination that includes diffusion of cooperatives through the promotion of its values and principles.  

Presentation of the structure of Antaviana

Antaviana is a residential centre of educational action which has the main characteristic of take care of young pregnant women or mothers with their children, who are minors and who are under the supervision/custody of the General Direction of Attention to Childhood and Adolescence (DGAIA). Antaviana is the only residence, with these characteristics and educational model, in Catalonia. The institutional mission of Antaviana is to exercise the custody of the teen pregnant women or mothers that already have with them their children, by temporarily developing functions of attention, education and accompaniment in their maternity which involves: to take care of the young mother in an affective and safe physical and moral environment, while meeting their essential needs, and providing an integral education and to evaluate the viability of their maternity.

Contribution to the project

The experience acquired in the work realised by the professionals of the maternal residence Antaviana is based on protecting and encouraging the mother-link, activating the processes, identifying the positive emotions, the needs of babies, stimulating the healthy mother-child communication patterns, encouraging a kind look towards the child, accompanying the young mothers in the construction of their “history”, collecting positive experiences, emotions and aspects as mothers, and facilitating them the process of differentiation with regard to their history and that of their family.

The educational work focuses on the care of the adolescent and not so much on the baby in order to strengthen their maternal role, so they can exercise the parental roles responding to the needs of their child, improving their skills and personal resources; and avoiding actions oriented to the impersonation, the replacement and/or disqualification of their capabilities, skills and desires.


Lluis March Planells :

The Antanavia – Eduvic team

Lluís has a  degree in Social Education from the University of Barcelona, a Postgraduate course in Family Systemic Mediation and a Master Degree in Family Systemic Therapy.

Currently he works as director of the maternal Residence Antaviana that belongs to the cooperative of social initiative EDUVIC, SCCL of which he is a partner. He works also as a family therapist within the program “La Caixa Proinfancia” in an Open Centre in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

As director of the maternal residence Antaviana, he is an expert in the following different areas of responsibility: quality area, personnel area, working area, business area, social integration area, institutional relations and external communication area.

Lluís Mars Planells

My academic background is in Education Sciences (university of Seville), Music therapy (university of Vic) and Familiar Therapy (university of Barcelona. Actually, I’m accredited as therapist by the Spanish Federation of Family Therapy Societies. I’m working in children and teenagers sector in residential context for 8 years, and I have recently started to work as therapist in a freely-accessible centre.

Higinio Trujillo Valencia