Holt Romania Foundation, Iasi Branch

Holt Romania Foundation, Iasi Branch – Consultancy and services for family and children Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded by HOLT INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S SERVICES , having a 16 years experience in the field of child’s rights and family protection in Romania.

The mission of Holt Romania organization, Iasi Branch is to try offering to each child the chance of having a family of his own. The mission chosen by us is accomplished by developing and implementing some social services and programs which will contribute to:

  • keeping children in their biological families whenever possible and safe, avoiding abuse, neglect, institutionalization, abandonment;
  • family reintegration of institutionalized children when it is in the best interests of the child;
  • developing parental education programs to strengthen parenting skills (http://www.educatieparentala.ro/)

Expertise and research project

Holt Romania Foundation – Iasi Branch supports children and their families to reduce risk factors of abuse/neglect/institutionalization/abandonment. HoltIS promotes child’s right to have a family of his own and to benefit from complex social services by developing and implementing programs aimed at preserving family, national adoption and parenting, developing training programs and technical assistance, seminars, conferences, activities aimed at developing and strengthening the capacity of local authorities, non-governmental organizations and local communities to provide professional social services in child protection field. Also, HoltIS cooperates with Romanian and foreign organizations that carry out social services for children and families, with the objective of developing effective partnerships.


Stefan COJOCARU: stefan.cojocaru@holtis.ro



The Holtis team

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Assistance and a Master’s degree in „Social Management and Community Development” from „Al. I. Cuza” University, Faculty of Philosophy.

I collaborate with HOLT Romania Foundation – Iasi Branch as a parental educator and I participate at organizing and performing parental education courses.

From 2006 I am working as a social worker at Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology „Cuza Voda” Iasi, the largest maternity in the North-Eastern area of Romania.

Iuliana Odeta Zagan

I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical psychology and Psychotherapy. I am also trained and certified as a Family and Couple Psychotherapist.

My professional experience consists in more than 5 years of NGO work in the field of social care. In the last 2 years I have been working with Holt Romania Foundation – Iasi Branch in reviewing and updating the curriculum used for the parental education program. I am also trained as a parental educator and I currently work in supervising the implementation of parental education program.

Madalina Belcescu

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Assistance and a Master’s degree in Family and Family Resource Management at Al. I. Cuza University – Philosophy and Social Political Science.  Currently I’m studying Sociology as a PhD candidate at “Al.I.Cuza” IASI University.

I’ve worked for one year in a Centre for mothers and children who are in need of social care services and for about eight years I’m working at General  Directorate of  Social  Assistance and  Child  Protection, Iasi.

I’ve been working with HOLT Charity Foundation Iasi since 2012, I have the authorization to be a parental educator and during this period I’ve been participating on parental education programs for different types of parents.

Elena Oana Maidaniuc