The Broquedis Centre of the CAMINANTE Association

The Broquedis Centre of the CAMINANTE Association (under the French law of 1901) is a Centre for care, support and prevention in addictology. Its main mission is to offer a biopsychosocial support to people over the age of majority who have addictive problems with or without substance.

This centre with accommodation opened in 1999. It is placed under the control of the « Regional Health Agency » (Agence Régionale de Santé) which financed it. It is located in the South of the department « Landes », in the « Seignanx » area and offers a reception of 22 places, including 10 dedicated to women in the perinatal period (Mother-Child Unit).

The perinatal period can represent a deep crisis in terms of psychopathology, that is to say a high-risk situation, but at the same time it can be understood in terms of opportunity: indeed, it is not unusual that pregnancy is a triggering factor of a change in drug consumption and risk behaviour.

The survey carried out by the GenderIdentity Project of Irefrea (Llopis, Castillo et al., 2002) shows that the treatment, of « addictive women » with children, given in residential communities specialised in welcoming the mother-child couple, provides them a good ability to protect their child. Indeed, compared to the outpatient treatment, women in residential treatment feel more able of taking care of their children: 91% of women in residential treatment, 71% of women in outpatient treatment, and 41% of women who have no type of treatment.

With a residential welcome, the specific treatments reserved for addicted mothers, as well as the clinical-psychological work on the mother-child relationship, enable to stop the intergenerational transmission chain of a family symptom in which parents, and sometimes even grandparents, played a key role in the introduction of the use of psychoactive substances.


The Caminante Team

  • Clinical psychologist and graduate of the Institute of Political Studies of Paris
  • Former director of the Care center for Prevention and Accompaniment in Addictology of the association Caminante
  • Initiator of the projects financed by the European Union piloted by the association Caminante

This type of project, which brings together field professionals and academics, allows exchanges of experience, enrichment and re-examination of our practices in order to accompany vulnerable groups.

Jean Rolando

General Manager of the Caminante Association

I have been working at the  Broquedis Therapeutic Residential Centre of the SUERTE Association since 2001.

In 2011, I was particularly invested in the mother-child unit created within the existing structure. The problems of these vulnerable women during perinatal period especially affect me, because it’s about  supporting them in their addiction issues, but also to act preventively on the lives of the children coming into the world in very fragile condition , due to consumption of mothers during pregnancy.

I am participating in the European project, which is innovative and very important as it helps to highlight the shortcomings in the detection of vulnerable women during perinatal period. Through the union of several countries and different practices, it will develop  trainings,  with new  concrete results on the ground. The key issues for me being ignorance, denial and lack of existing means for this problem.

Anne Deyzieux


Participating in the CAPvFAIR project as Administrator of the Caminante Association

Specialized educator, I worked in a Social Children’s Home , and in an alternative institution to the prison with older adolescents, and finally in a Non-Institutional Educational Action .

I got a Higher Diploma in Social Work, my thesis being about : Sharing educational values? Young mothers evolving with family support professionals.

I trained throughout my career in transactional analysis, on matters related to maternity and vulnerability , as well as  child protection. I led for 12 years a service with accommodation (14 families) dedicated to supporting women in vulnerable situations together with their (s) child (ren), with  parenting.

Christiane Expert-Guglielmi

Administrator of the Caminante Association

My job: Specialized Educator (DSEI), employee of the care center in addictology of the association Caminante.

Coordinator of the CapeVfair project and other European projects led by the association Caminant

Contractor in educators’ initial training (ITS in the city of Pau, AFMR) or at the Faculty of law of the University of Pau and « Pays de l’Adour » / and in continuous training (University graduates)

Léonie James

Lawyer Initial training - specialization in "law and protection of individuals »

I’m a paediatric nurse. After studying nursery in Madrid and working for a year in a surgical service in France, I got into the specialisation to increase my  knowledge in paediatrics. Having been confronted during my studies and work with women and their young child in vulnerable situations, I’m very excited about this opportunity to take part in this project and that way bring our practice forward.


Pediatric nurse

I wanted to participate in the CapeVfair project because it is essential for me to be able to meet both the needs of children and their parents. In this case, I accompany mothers who suffer from  addiction to alcohol or to other products. In addition to my training, I expected through these exchanges of practice between professionals, to strengthen and supplement my knowledge on their vulnerability  and open my field of vision to other possible accompaniments.

Early Childhood Educator

I did my extended internship at CSAPA Broquedis for a year before being hired there. I have previously worked in boarding schools for children with psychological difficulties in a Therapeutic Educational and Pedagogical Institute.

In CSAPA, I accompany people with addictive problems in daily life and in educational workshops. I am also involved in the mother-child unit where I accompany the mothers in their care process and in building the relationship with their child. I have the opportunity to participate in this European project in this context.

Mathilde Bareille


I have been working in the field of addiction medicine since 1995 and participating in the monitoring of pregnant women and mothers with children . I am an active member of GEGA ( pregnancy and addiction research group) that publishes in this field and i have been co-author of publications on buprenorphine and pregnant and lactating women. Hence my enthusiastic participation in this European project
Pierre Lavignasse

addiction specialist physician, director of the CSAPA with accommodation at Broquedis

Specialized Educator (DSEI), working since 2001 in the Care Centre for Support and Prevention in Addictology “Broquedis Suerte”.

Part-time trainer, in office since 2012 at the Training Association in Rural Area,  Etcharry


  • trainer in 2014
  • systems analysis in 2011
  • Motivational Interview in 2008
  • Tutor-Referent in 2007/2008

Interventions and conferences (continuing education / students / professionals / school …)

Specialist in  mediation with horses

Amateur writer, videographer, rider

Richard Thibaut

She is special educator of initial training and then obtains a degree in middle management  (CAFERUIS) in 2013. She is working as head of department at CSAPA Broquedis (Care Centre for Support and Prevention in Addictology) since 2009. A new support around parenting is  building and expanding with the creation of the Mother and Child Unit within the CSAPA in 2011. This European project is an additional means for the entire center team to train for this specificity through a new experience.
Stéphanie Destandau